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Betty Eadie’s insights from heaven

Of all the near-death stories I’ve read Betty Eadie’s, ‘Embraced by the Light’, offers the most insightful and profound glimpse into this other dimension we call heaven.  Her story is full of fantastic concepts including the existence of many worlds beyond earth, the presence of giant ‘Warring Angels” dressed in armor ready to protect us with a prayer’s notice, and that our prayers on earth are visible from heaven as beacons of light.

At the age of thirty-one, Betty succumbed to complications from a partial hysterectomy.  At death, she “felt a surge of energy”, “a pop or release” then her spirit energy is pulls up and out “as if by a giant magnet.”  She felt free and…alive despite being technically dead by earthly accounts.  What’s more she was alive with superhuman powers.  She could see “from all directions at once—from in front, behind, and from the sides.”  She was weightless and could therefore, move with superhero agility and speed, even through walls.  Quickly the realization dawns, “This is who I really am.”

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The meaning of the Hunger Games

Book cover, 1st edition of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Everyone is abuzz about the Hunger Games after apparently all going to the theatres to watch it this past weekend. The movie raked in $152 million domestically in its debut, indicating an appeal on par with that of ‘Harry Potter’, and claiming the number 3 spot on box-office charts.

A friend of mine mentioned he was planning to see the flick on its opening night. Having vaguely heard of the Hunger Games, and still relatively in the dark about the phenomenon, I asked what the movie was about. He said, “It’s about a bunch kids who go in the jungle and fight to the death.”

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It’s beginning to look a lot like winter and summer too

…at the same time in the same country, when it is actually the beginning of spring.

A late severe winter storm buried northern Arizona up to 3 feet in snow the day before the start of spring, while most of the eastern U.S.basks in summer temperatures. This unusual weather reminds me of…well last week’s unusual weather that brought deluge in Louisiana and unseasonably warm temperatures to Chicago. Whatever the arguments surrounding climate change are it certainly looks and feels like a changing climate. Continue reading

Near-death experiences

Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1450-1516)

Near-death experiences or NDEs, a phrase coined by Dr. Raymond Moody, is a bit of a misnomer. The experiencer does not start their story with, “The day I almost died.” No. The story is about the day they indeed died, as in ‘flat-line’, no-pulse-die. Miraculously, their story continues after dying, albeit in a different form, and their stories conclude with an all too often resistant return to earth.

NDE stories tell of a fantastic after-life. If there weren’t so many accounts describing the same extraordinary features, I wouldn’t believe them. But the truth is, multitudes of these stories exist spanning across ancient times through to today and spatially across the globe, across cultures. Remarkably these stories are convincingly consistent.

The Republic’, written by Plato around 360 B.C.E, includes a story of a soldier who dies Continue reading

Island 98.5 and Nadine, The Suburban Psychic

Every Thursday morning at 7am, I tune in to Island 98.5 to listen to their weekly psychic hour show and this morning was no different. The draw for me is a fascination with the paranormal. The draw for the Wake Up Crew and for a lot of the callers is romantic drama. “Will my boyfriend and I ever get married?” “Is my husband cheating on me?” “My wife and I are getting divorced, will we get back together?”

Admittedly, I laugh out loud along with the Wake Up Crew  (who incidentally consist of 3 men) as they more than often, rather harshly, point out the obvious and the ridiculous aspect of romantic love. “Who are YOU to expect someone else to change,” they ask. Or “Lady, I’ve only known you for a few seconds and I already can’t stand you.” Brutal. But funny, none-the-less.

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Severe floods in Louisana, record warm temps in Chicago

It’s a little late in the season for winter floods and a little early in the season for spring/summer temperatures. And yet, here we are in mid-March of 2012 experiencing both. Chicago is at sunny, near record-high temperatures in the upper 70s, while parts of Louisiana is dealing with the aftermath of a 15 to 20 inch deluge of rain.

(c) Louisiana State Police

Together, the occurrences speak of a new balance, albeit a more disruptive one. Like the more disruptive highs and lows of mood swings, this unusual weather is hard to live with. And it signifies that something is amiss. Continue reading

Climate change or armageddon?

Or maybe both. It is written that we will sense the coming end of ages the same way we can see the subtle signs of summer.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Fujimoto, Garden Island Newspaper

This past week was full of freaky weather in paradise. Starting with Sunday and continuing through Tuesday, record-breaking rainfall battered Kauai and Oahu causing flooding, collapsed roads, landslides, and a declaration of disaster by the Governor of Hawaii (not to mention nightmarish traffic).

Photo courtesy Cameron Brooks

Thunder and lightning added to the awesomeness of it all.

On Wednesday, the storm passed over the islands heading out to open ocean, only to re-energize and reverse course for round two, back across the islands!

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American Idol stardom for Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez’s big performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’ was so moving, that everyone who saw it is still buzzing from it, including me. In fact, I watched the playback on YouTube at least 5 times already and I’m sure I’ll watch it one more time before the day is over. What’s the obsession?

Well for one thing, she has the voice of an angel, reaching high notes easily, and bringing us all along with her to somewhere else. Ms. Jessica Sanchez held her own against all the expectations that come with Whitney Houston’s signature song.

But what I just can’t seem to get enough of is the unfolding of such a large talent by a sixteen year-old who, until now, only knows that she loves to sing.  Now, today, she finally knows America loves her singing too.

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My spirit insists

It would be easy for me to just keep doing what I’m doing–work, eat, clean the house, play with the little one, find time for exercise, meditation, and sleep. It keeps me busy enough for sure. But…something insists, gently, for me to do more. That insistent spirit of mine that I nurture and feed rewards me with moments of fulfillment, then… more yearning and beckoning.

It keeps me from being completely satisfied, loafing around on the couch for example. On top of daily needs like a walk on the beach, a swim in the ocean or arranging flowers in a vase, my spirit also has an ongoing, life-long mission and purpose. It’s this energy, this passion, this gentle insistence that keeps me at the edge and not on the couch for too long.

But what is it that it wants?

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