American Idol stardom for Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez’s big performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’ was so moving, that everyone who saw it is still buzzing from it, including me. In fact, I watched the playback on YouTube at least 5 times already and I’m sure I’ll watch it one more time before the day is over. What’s the obsession?

Well for one thing, she has the voice of an angel, reaching high notes easily, and bringing us all along with her to somewhere else. Ms. Jessica Sanchez held her own against all the expectations that come with Whitney Houston’s signature song.

But what I just can’t seem to get enough of is the unfolding of such a large talent by a sixteen year-old who, until now, only knows that she loves to sing.  Now, today, she finally knows America loves her singing too.

It’s clear that last night’s performance wasn’t her first rodeo show. Listen to her sing the national anthem at a Charger’s game two years ago at age fourteen.

And before then, at age eleven, she competed on  the America’s Got Talent show, but did not win. Divine timing seems at work here. At eleven and fourteen, she’s a bit young for arriving. She’s instead, doing only what she knows she must do and cultivating her talent. Finally last night, singing ‘I will always love you’ seemed Jessica Sanchez’s preordained time to shine.

She stood there in the spotlight and I, along with most others, were scared for her, thinking “Boy, that’s a tough song to sing.” I didn’t want to watch her flounder and totally fail. But she stood there alone and…delivered. She showed me and America that she can sing a Whitney Houston song because her voice is that good.

Most of what keeps us back is not our lack of talent, it’s our will, our heads, our lack of faith. It’s as if our lives here on earth are designed to transcend fear.

Jessica Sanchez is a teenager from San Diego with a family who has sacrificed for her to sing. A lot is riding on her success. For most of us, the pressure is too daunting or we’ve picked the wrong path and don’t have the voice we think we have or want to have. So when it happens that someone like her knows what she is born to do, holds on to it without confirmation and finds strength from within, pushing through doubt, fear and past failure, it gives us hope, inspiration, and…goose bumps.

When we cheer for her, we cheer for ourselves that we might do the same (though most likely not belting out Whitney Houston songs). We each have our own God-given talent, whether it be an angelic voice to share with millions, or whether it be our words of compassion to just one other person. We are here to use our talents offering others an escape from daily chores and for giving each other glimpses into heaven.

For me, all I know is that I love to write. I hope and dream, after striving, struggling, and yes failing, that I continue, cultivating my talent and receiving the same kind of confirmation one day that Jessica Sanchez got last night.

And so I watch the performance, mesmerized by her sweet voice, but mostly by her fearlessness and her conviction in what she must do with her life. As Jennifer Lopez remarked on a previous performance, Jessica’s talent is beyond her years. She’s following her spirit, doing what she is born to do, and plugged in to that mysterious ether of divine energy that gives us experience beyond this lifetime, if only we believe.


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