Climate change or armageddon?

Or maybe both. It is written that we will sense the coming end of ages the same way we can see the subtle signs of summer.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Fujimoto, Garden Island Newspaper

This past week was full of freaky weather in paradise. Starting with Sunday and continuing through Tuesday, record-breaking rainfall battered Kauai and Oahu causing flooding, collapsed roads, landslides, and a declaration of disaster by the Governor of Hawaii (not to mention nightmarish traffic).

Photo courtesy Cameron Brooks

Thunder and lightning added to the awesomeness of it all.

On Wednesday, the storm passed over the islands heading out to open ocean, only to re-energize and reverse course for round two, back across the islands!

By Friday morning unprecedented hail, the size of lemons, fell intensely in Kaneohe and Kailua. One hailstone measured 4.25 inches long shattering the previous record of a 1-inch diameter hailstone in Hawaii. And if that wasn’t enough to wonder what the heck is going on, a water-spout was spotted just offshore of Lanikai beach.

Image originally posted on KHON2 website

The water-spout eventually made land fall, transforming into a tornado of windswept damage across 1.5 miles in the Kailua and Enchanted Lake areas of Oahu (click on the water-spout image to watch KHON2 coverage of the rare event).

Craig T. Kojima, Star Advertiser

Coinciding with the year 2012, it feels as if hollywood might have gotten it right with its unbelievable portrayal of natural disasters, at least for this week, anyway, in beautiful Hawaii. I don’t think Hawaii will dissolve into the ocean anytime soon or be swallowed by volcanic lava flows. But the weird weather certainly gives us a moment (or two) of pause, reflecting on whether thunder booming to our very core, lightning flashing our eyes, torrential winds and rains swirling everywhere, historical lemon-sized hail in Hawaii, rare water spouts born offshore and sweeping destructively across the land, just might be a sign of something larger and more ominous to come.

And the question of our responsibility in how we affect our environment begs for us to answer truthfully. If single-celled algae could be responsible for oxygenating our atmosphere, we most certainly could be responsible for climate change. And if that’s true, then the idea that we might be a part of the whole plan is an interesting idea indeed–that we might trigger Armageddon by choice, by violating laws of nature and throwing delicate systems out of balance; but its an idea that is entirely possible, and after this week its an idea that feels entirely real.


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