Severe floods in Louisana, record warm temps in Chicago

It’s a little late in the season for winter floods and a little early in the season for spring/summer temperatures. And yet, here we are in mid-March of 2012 experiencing both. Chicago is at sunny, near record-high temperatures in the upper 70s, while parts of Louisiana is dealing with the aftermath of a 15 to 20 inch deluge of rain.

(c) Louisiana State Police

Together, the occurrences speak of a new balance, albeit a more disruptive one. Like the more disruptive highs and lows of mood swings, this unusual weather is hard to live with. And it signifies that something is amiss. As our atmosphere heats up, the delicate balance of our previous weather system reacts. Higher temperatures in some areas, causes greater evaporation there and deluge elsewhere.

This kind of unusual weather is our new norm and portends a shifting climate, otherwise known as climate change (be it man induced or natural).

Where we ultimately end up remains a mystery. And that uncertainty keeps us a little on edge. Maybe we will shift with the weather, mapping out new flood zones. Or maybe the weather will be so disruptive to our economy, that we will be forced to live differently, receding into the hills or building homes higher off the ground, sacrificing in other areas of life in order to fulfill a fundamental human need–safe shelter.


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