It’s beginning to look a lot like winter and summer too

…at the same time in the same country, when it is actually the beginning of spring.

A late severe winter storm buried northern Arizona up to 3 feet in snow the day before the start of spring, while most of the eastern U.S.basks in summer temperatures. This unusual weather reminds me of…well last week’s unusual weather that brought deluge in Louisiana and unseasonably warm temperatures to Chicago. Whatever the arguments surrounding climate change are it certainly looks and feels like a changing climate.

Image courtesy of The Weather Channel

Today’s snapshot of temperatures in the it all away in one glance. It’s like the red states versus the blue states when it should be more like the unifying color of spring (or democracy).

Ask any meteorologist, like the ones at CNN, or at MSNBC attesting statistically to how bizarre this weather is. Or ask anybody living in Chicago basking in 80 degree weather at the end of winter, or ask the Cherry Blossom trees blooming early in Washington D.C. what they think of the new season. This past St. Patrick’s Day was the warmest luck-of-the-Irish day it’s ever been in Chicago since records began tracking the data in 1872.

There’s no doubt about it. The weather feels wacky and looks wacky. It’s like eating too much sugar. It’s like our stable climate is moving toward greater extremes, each trying to balance the other in the same system, as if something like say, increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, is disrupting the whole delicate thing.


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