Betty Eadie’s insights from heaven

Of all the near-death stories I’ve read Betty Eadie’s, ‘Embraced by the Light’, offers the most insightful and profound glimpse into this other dimension we call heaven.  Her story is full of fantastic concepts including the existence of many worlds beyond earth, the presence of giant ‘Warring Angels” dressed in armor ready to protect us with a prayer’s notice, and that our prayers on earth are visible from heaven as beacons of light.

At the age of thirty-one, Betty succumbed to complications from a partial hysterectomy.  At death, she “felt a surge of energy”, “a pop or release” then her spirit energy is pulls up and out “as if by a giant magnet.”  She felt free and…alive despite being technically dead by earthly accounts.  What’s more she was alive with superhuman powers.  She could see “from all directions at once—from in front, behind, and from the sides.”  She was weightless and could therefore, move with superhero agility and speed, even through walls.  Quickly the realization dawns, “This is who I really am.”

When she is ready, Betty leaves earth escorted by guardian angels and travels through the darkness of space in a tunnel toward ‘the light’ in the far distance.  As she gets closer, she observes this is no ordinary light.  It is indescribably brilliant and intense, much brighter than the sun, and her eyes should hurt but they don’t.  Upon arriving in the light she describes seeing the figure of a man within the light and she writes, “There was no questioning who he was.”

During her short visit back ‘home’, Betty is fortunate to have a lot of questions answered.  She learns or rather remembers that earth is not our natural home and that we assisted in the creation of earth, its life forms, and governing conditions.  She writes, “Everything was created of spirit matter before it was created physically—solar systems, suns, moons, stars, planets…”  She adds that the spirit model is much more “sharp” and “brilliant” than its physical manifestation.

Living as humans, our spirits must “battle constantly to overcome the flesh.”  We struggle with overeating, love of money or material things, with addictions to drugs and sex.  Our ability to maintain balance and self-control along with choosing service to others over medicating ourselves strengthens the spirit.  And this is our purpose.

Betty’s understanding is we reincarnate or visit earth many times as different people.  We do so of our own free will and this choice alone, to travel to earth and live as a human, reflects a valiant spirit in each of us.  We choose our missions and stations in life  and we are given particular talents based on the objectives of our missions. 

Each cell of our bodies contain memories of our past lives.  Every unit of matter has intelligence in it.  Absolute laws govern our lives on earth.  Among these are the laws of healing and creation.  All healing and creating on earth begins first with the imagination of the spirit and the power of thought.  Verbalizing our thoughts further helps the process as spoken words “creates an excitement in the intelligences around us, and they then go into motion…”

Other laws are similar, requiring the spirit to consciously believe in and have faith in the process first.  The more of our talents we use in service to others, the more access we have to our talents.  The more of our faith we exercise, the more faith we have.  Should we need help from the angels, all we need to do is sincerely pray and ask for it, and it is given.

Aside from the vast and profound knowledge given to Betty Eadie, her near-death experience includes what we each have to answer to—our own ‘life review’.  The life review happens within the company of other beings who do not judge, but offer loving support.  We find that we alone judge our lives without the ability to hide from the truth.

In the heaven, we understand with absolute clarity, what is often obscured on earth, that what matters most is our intention.  Every moment of our lives we make decisions based on intentions.  During the life review, we will know with conviction, that intentions from a heart full of love are the only things we will be proud of.

Above all else, Betty Eadie learns we are here on earth to love ourselves, to love each other, and to love our Creator.


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