Writer’s journey

I don’t quite have the green light on being a full-time blogger…yet, as in I still have a ‘day job’, unlike Geraldine DeRuiter of The Everywhereist, a blog recently included in Time magazine’s Top 25 blogs of 2011. Geraldine received the go ahead signal when she got laid off from her desk job as a copy writer. Unemployed, but married to someone who apparently travels a lot, all over the world for work, gave her a next step namely to get on the airplane with her hubby, albeit after some loafing around. Not only did she receive a green light to start a travel blog, she got an announcement over the loud-speaker followed by an embossed invitation, you know the kind you get for weddings.

Don’t worry this isn’t a whining post of why her and not me rants.When I cheer for her, I cheer for me. I love her blog, her ongoing love letter to her husband in the guise of an online travel journal. The site itself feels hip, edgy and has this yuppie, cool, I travel all over the world header image. The content is refreshing, offering unique views of the world infused with humor, helping to make light of life, a service that’s direly needed in the world. No wonder she’s so popular. Her happiness is infectious.

I’m really happy for Geraldine (provided the same success story happens to me). Joking aside, I relish the serendipity of her life and the way she went with the flow, seized the day and it all worked out for her. Not to mention she travels all over the world with both her husband and her blog. My dream is her dream plus getting paid well for the service I provide, partly out of necessity and partly on principle. It’ll never be about the money, but getting paid to do work that I love…now that is my dream.

Speaking of my dream, my path to writing success is definitely a meandering, off the beaten path and sometimes digressing route, perhaps like that of John Grisham (minus the digressing part). Everything begins with a dream anyway. Like Grisham, my writing career begins with work as a professional in a completely different arena. He was a lawyer, entrenched in the field, collecting information for his later writing career in legal drama. I am a civil engineer gathering material for my later writing career in engineering thrillers?

Not quite. I’m still working on defining how my current situation relates to the next chapter and I’m waiting on divine providence, a timing of things on a much larger order than my smaller scope of vision. Hence the blinking yellow light in lieu of a full tilt pedal to the metal green. In the meantime, I try to go with the flow, following certain inspirational leads or topics of fascination. Like Albert Einstein, who also worked for a government agency by day, I am consigned for the moment to earn a conventional living while experimenting (adventurously, sometimes anxiously) with how best to express the order of the universe.

So now that I’ve compared myself to both John Grisham and Albert Einstein (I told you this wasn’t a whining post), I will say this: most successful ventures begin quite naturally. Whether we are pushed by external forces such as being laid off or by internal forces such as creative impulses in a completely different field, there is a mysterious force conspiring with each of us to bring out the highest and fullest expression of our individual talent, always, always for the benefit of others.

Image courtesy of http://www.mindtraining.net

So although I don’t quite see the big picture yet, I take each day one day at a time, earning a normal living while peering into the world of the unseen, collecting revelations and musings from the divine and sending them here into the blogosphere to share with others. Along the way, but more clearly in retrospect, I just might find my path of civil engineer turned author of civil infrastructure for the mind. Hmmm. That does sound a lot better than engineering thrillers! The loftiest of accomplishments all begin with a dream, anyway.

Image courtesy of oxfordswfproject.com


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