Using the law of attraction and how it works

The law of attraction simply states that like attracts like.

My own failed use
I think I first heard of the law of attraction from Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 film ‘The Secret’. Along with probably a whole host of people after watching the film, I promptly wrote myself a check for several million dollars. (What? It’s not cheap to live in paradise).

For several days, I imagined and tried to be convincingly thrilled about the reality of such a windfall of money landing somehow, mysteriously in my lap. In retrospect, I could have at least used the likeness of a Publishers Clearing House check (not my own check, like how real would that be?) and I could have at least entered a sweepstake to have a chance at the prospect.

But I didn’t enter a sweepstake or even buy a lotto ticket. How exactly then did I expect to win free money? I left it to the universe to figure it out and I waited for a sign. Suffice it to say, no million dollar windfall landed on my doorstep.

I didn’t even scratch at the surface of the law of attraction. You see deep down I believe in this idea that one must earn their way through this world whether it’s via work that one loves or just through work period. I prefer the former, just for the record. Still if I could get away with it for free, I thought I’d give it a half-hearted try!

In the end, I knew better and the film left me wanting for a lot more. I suspected and still do that there is a spiritual component to asking the divine universe for things. I think our moral compass has something to do with it because I have a sneaking suspicion that the real power behind the law is how well the things we focus on aligns with our souls; the greater the alignment, the greater the power.

The way the law works
Despite my own lazy woman’s attempt and subsequent failure to use the law, the law itself struck deep chords of both fascination and truth. As a check on the plausibility of such a law, I ran it through my science-educated filter, which is documented on this blog under the page entitled, “Another way of looking at things”. So far, the law does not appear to conflict with other known and well-used laws such as Newton’s laws of motion.

So assuming the law of attraction is true, I like to think of it as a first step, as a way to find more information. I liken it to the Google search engine of the universe, which is an extremely useful tool for obtaining information on any subject of interest.

I absolutely love Google. However, as you can imagine, the Google search engine of the universe is not limited to ‘attracting’ websites related to your search. The law of attraction applies to everything in our world. Whatever you focus on, you enter into the divine search box and voila, similar people, thoughts, books, television shows, you name it will be attracted/returned to you.

The tricks are 1) your focus, which tends to be overrun by gadgets, kids, (especially your own), bosses, episodes of American Idol and Hawaii Five ‘O (I live in Hawaii, okay), laundry, cooking dinner et cetera and 2) your interest or passion in the subject, which reinforces the first trick.

And of course there is a caveat. Here it is: the law works for both subjects you really love and subjects you really hate. The choice is always ours. So word to the wise: Be careful what you search for. The search engine works continuously, delivering information to you based on what you focus on.

Feel really repulsed by somebody’s wart? Look past it and celebrate any redeeming quality you can find, like their no-fail ability to make you laugh. Seriously.

Give it a whirl. Focus on the things you love, that gives you an”all is well” feeling and by the law of attraction you will find yourself quickly surrounded by information about similar lovely things. Once you find something you really love (to do or have in your life) you can use the Law of Manifestation to create and bring your vision into physical reality.

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Happy searching!


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