Using the law of manifestation

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein

The law of manifestation states: our reality is a product of what we visualize and believe.
I view this law as a necessary sequel to the law of attraction. It is the goal-oriented second step naturally following the information gathering first step. The implications of the law are profound. It says that there is a ‘matrix’ and not only that, but we can alter it too, at will. Unlike the film however, this matrix is a product of nature, not of machines. Reality as it turns out, is fluid–a flexible construct highly influenced by our ‘touch’ and how we shape it.
This sort of philosophy is the hallmark of many a great visionary from Walt Disney (If you can dream it, you can build it) to Steve Jobs who could manipulate the matrix so well he purportedly had a Reality Distortion Field that people found difficult to escape. Not only could he bend the matrix for himself, but he could bend it for you too, causing you to believe in realities that simply were not true…yet.
How to use the law
The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is a working knowledge of the law. So here it is, if you are ready for it; Your key to living the extraordinary life is: imagination. Cultivate it and guard it with your life. Don’t let education or anything else dull your imagination.
If you feel you have no imagination, well…there is nothing wrong with being ordinary. Really, there isn’t. However, I challenge the notion that some people have imagination (and lots of it), while others simply don’t. See if you can follow this line of thinking. Kid’s have it. If you are not a kid now, you were once (how ever far away that may seem). All you have to do is learn to be a kid again. Try hanging out a with a kid (preferably one that you know and whose parents trust you)! Fortunately, I have my own little toddler to help me remember. We play with Wiki sticks like there’s no tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Dbxsoul, Wikimedia Commons

Imagination is the remarkable ability to visualize a reality so convincingly that you can perceive the way it looks, feels, smells, and tastes. It is the seed-bearing leap required for using the law of manifestation.

The mechanics behind the law
Per the law of attraction we know that like attracts like. Therefore, all the elements of an imagined reality attracts like elements to your life. If it boggles your mind too much to believe in it, think about gravity and how earth attracts your mass to its own mass. It’s mind-boggling, but true none-the-less. Otherwise, I’d be as light as a feather. As it turns out, earth literally attracts my mass to itself on the order of well over a hundred pounds. For more on this line of thinking follow the link here for another way of looking at things.
Still unsure? Go jump into a pool. You jump, you fall. Every time. Just please make sure you jump over the water.
As surely as earth attracts your mass to its own mass, so do you attract realities similar to your own imagined realities. Thoughts and visions have mass, albeit not as much mass as my body. That’s why I can lay on the couch all day while my thoughts, left to their own devices, are fleeting–free to dance and meander all over the place.
That brings me to the tricks. The tricks are the same as mentioned in the post on using the law of attraction, namely 1) focus and 2) passion, plus trick 3). Trick three again (in case you missed it) is using your imagination. The first trick is the determined act of taming those thoughts which you want more of. This is a tricky thing indeed since thoughts are so light and fleeting. Therefore, the second trick is to pick thoughts in line with your passions; it will really help you focus and obsess even. Then let your imagination fly. 
Here’s the caveat: regardless of whether you feel good about your imaginations, the law of manifestation returns the realities you visualize. So word to the wise: Be careful what you imagine! Especially if you can taste it.
Admittedly, I have yet to really use the law of manifestation to dramatically alter my current reality. But, in theory this law can dramatically alter your life. Stay tuned for more personal stories on this one.

To summarize, here are the recommended steps for effectively using the law of manifestation:

  1. Use the law of attraction to quickly explore the world for what you love about life.
  2. Based on the information you collect in a particular area of interest, decide on a worthy goal.
  3. Believe first that you have the ability to manifest any goal you want. This step may take some time and divine providence. Fortunately, this blog is a collection of books, videos, interviews etc, which helps me to believe in my own ability and might help you to believe in yours.
  4. Focus on the goal to imagine the reality of it i.e. how it looks, smells, sounds and how it affects your life in every aspect possible.
  5. Reality check: if you completed step 2 properly, the imagined reality should evoke feelings of well-being and joy. If not, go back to step 1.
  6. Once you are comfortable with your vision, plant the seed of the goal and nurture it daily with as much vivid reality as you can imagine. Like all new seedlings, the young idea needs careful attention or it will wither away. Depending on the scale of your goal, this step may take some time and divine providence, but don’t worry life is about the journey, right?
    Don’t be afraid to role-play or write whole narratives about your desired reality. This is what kids do over and over and over. It might drive us crazy, but we don’t think they are crazy. Still you probably want to role-play in a safe place, you know where no one can see or hear you. I admit to visions of explaining the science behind creation to people on a global platform. Yah, I keep that one to myself except for those loyal readers who are still with me on step 6 of this post.
  7. Follow any inspirational leads–any ideas for action that you feel good about.
  8. Finally have fun. Be happy!!

With your participation in hand, acting when prompted, and the law of manifestation working with you, the reality must be manifested. It is law. This partnership from the universe is a guarantee. Are you convinced? Take the poll below and see what others think.

Happy manifesting!


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