Steve Jobs on the after-life

Are we simply here for a human lifetime and that’s it? The late Steve Jobs admitted to a fear that the answer to this larger than life question is yes. That when we die, we cease to exist; the screen goes blank as in end of story; there is no more consciousness of ourself and all the wisdom we obtained this life disappears.

Facing his own mortality in the last decade of his life, Steve Jobs revealed the philosophical reason iPhones and iPads don’t have typical on/off buttons; it’s because of his stubborn hope that the answer to the existence of an afterlife is ‘yes’, that life doesn’t just end one day with a switch to off.

I believe at death Mr. Jobs pleasantly found that we are more than just a human body and that he didn’t simply switch ‘off’. Sure he no longer walks around (in jeans, sneakers and a black turtle neck, of course) as far as we can see anyway, but he’s still around, albeit in the afterlife and in a different form. So from earth, thank you Mr. Jobs for that little design quirk. You were once again right on the money.

What do you think? Does the standby button of Apple devices rather than the standard on/off switch more accurately reflect who we are? Take the poll and see what others think too!


2 responses to “Steve Jobs on the after-life

  1. I like the video and the message that Steve Jobs used the law of attraction through his dogged determination to whatever he wanted in life, no matter what the odds. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Suzan-
      Yah, I also heard Steve Jobs was a notorious jerk. And well it isn’t good for your health to be mean. But he had amazing focus!


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