Fairy dust, nebulas, and thought clouds

Ever wonder what creativity looks like?

To me, it looks just like the ‘magic’ of pixie or fairy dust, you know that sparkly dust in Disney movies that turns pumpkins into carriages? Yah, just like that–matter from the ether mixed with imagination, transforming realities right before our eyes. Well not exactly like that.

In real life we don’t literally turn pumpkins into glittering carriages. And we each have more of an aggressive role to play in the magic of altering reality. Using the Law of Attraction requires ‘Cinderella’ to not only have a good heart, but to also dream the reality every day with discipline. Cinderella would have to imagine the dress, the carriage and the dance with the prince and how that all feels as if it were real, despite current conditions of menial chores and a wicked stepmother.

Maybe that’s the problem with our dreaming these days. We are a little too ‘Disneyed’ and don’t understand the prerequisite discipline of dreaming to get our fairy godmother to show up. We cannot cheat our way out of our part; we must do the work and use our imagination. And here’s why:

The mechanics behind the Law of Manifestation

All physical constructs begin first with diffuse matter mixed with imagination. Our own solar system started first as a nebula–a diffuse cloud of star-dust (like the wispy magic of Disney films). Likewise, all human endeavors from the iconic Golden Gate bridge to the personal computer began first as a diffuse cloud of the thoughts of people.

Thought clouds are the precursors of anything we create into reality. Just like the clouds in our atmosphere, which attract water vapor to itself, thoughts clouds attract other compatible thoughts to itself. Both operate by the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like. 

The thought cloud of Web 2.0 is shown here. The cloud attracted compatible thoughts from various sources, until one day the idea of Web 2.0 became reality.

Eventually with enough mass, thought clouds concentrate into the outlined structure of a creative idea and overtime the cloud reaches critical mass giving way to the inevitable precipitation of a tangible reality. The thought cloud transforms into something we can readily see, hear, taste, touch and/or smell. Cinderella’s thought cloud would look something like this:


Creativity or creating realities is the stuff of imagination and it looks like nebulous clouds. Creativity is fueled by our focus on what we care most about. It is our amazing ability to collect compatible thoughts and to organize this thought matter into thought clouds that we literally grow until they rain down on us in realities we can physically experience. We do it all the time, just largely without intention. So now that you know how we transform vapor thoughts to solid raining realities you might want to take Cinderella’s advice to heart:

A dream is a wish your heart makes
…If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

(c) Naia Jones 2012. All rights reserved. On republishing this content you must provide link to the original page.


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