American Idol 2012: Philip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez?

Photo Michael Becker / FOX

I wrote an earlier post on Jessica Sanchez after hearing her sing ‘I Will Always Love You’. Like many others I am blown away at Jessica’s angelic voice. I listened to the playback over and over again. It gave me goose bumps. It felt like discovering a gem. But… I have to admit, I haven’t written since. (Sorry Jessica, I absolutely love you and your voice!!)  

If you asked me a month ago who would win in a finale between the two, I would have obstinately chosen the voice from heaven despite sincerely enjoying Philip’s artistry. Jessica has a power voice that can do wonderful things like growl, fill the entire auditorium, sustain high notes with perfect pitch and angelic sweetness to die for. Her talent is unmistakable and she will no doubt go on to have a platinum career in the business.

But here’s the thing that Philip has that Jessica just doesn’t…yet: creative license and knowing how to use it.

Jessica can sing the phone book and knock it out of the park. The problem is that she does sing the phone book, in tact. As a best friend of mine remarked, “She’s boring.” Well her voice is just too damn remarkable to ever be boring. She just hasn’t found her voice beyond THE voice, yet.

If Jessica wants to sing and win America’s popularity contest she needs to do some soul-searching and get in touch with the people. She could start by attending her local high school and actually meet some, you know people. Sorry honey, but your talent is for others as much as it is for yourself. Get in touch. You’ve got the time. So go do it and walk among the people.

Philip, on the other hand, knows who he is as an artist, is totally likable and charming. And, yes easy on the eye too. Although he doesn’t quite seem comfortable with the idea of his own sex appeal, tending to err on the goofy side. Regardless, he has creative fairy dust sprinkled all over him.

I am just as in love as Randy Jackson is with Philip’s original performance of the song ‘Home’ (written by Drew Pearson and first performed by Greg Holden). I’ve been humming the chorus all morning. Philip’s voice is nowhere near the caliber of Jessica’s, but he operates from a completely different sphere and I have to give him kudos for that. I want in. I want to drink whatever he’s drinking.

He exercises his power to create, revamping songs in his own style and that takes infinitely more energy than to just follow the original lead. And because he is plugged-in, using his imagination, executing and delivering tangible high-grade creative energy to us, America will in kind get up, and crown him winner of this season’s American Idol. I hope ‘Home’ is his first record. I along with the hordes will line up to buy it.


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