Gravity, synchronicity, and magic

Portrait by Godfrey Kneller, 1689

One of the peculiar features of physics, discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century, is the predictable attractive force of mass. Mass attracts mass. Hmmm.

How or why, you ask? We still don’t know the answers to that. Here we are in the 21st century and the phenomenon that mass attracts mass is still magic. Newton himself could not explain how or why and this truly boggled his mind. 

But just because he couldn’t understand why mass attracts mass did not stop him from producing the practical and well-applied laws of physics related to the phenomenon. The measure of how fast a certain body of mass attracts other mass is what we call gravity

For example, Earth attracts smaller mass near its surface (that would be us and every other object on the planet) so that when we fall, we fall down to Earth, not up and away). And when we fall we accelerate toward earth at a rate of 9.81 m/s2. This rate is a common fact; it is Earth’s unique gravity.

Still the mechanism for why Earth or any other body of mass has gravity in the first place, remains a mystery; it’s magic. Well we know from Einstein’s theory of general relativity that gravity has to do with the curving of spacetime. For most of us the idea of the curving of spacetime remains a mystery. Yet the fact that Earth has gravity is readily true and highly useful to know. We have been applying the laws of gravity, without completely understanding how it works, ever since Newton gave us the idea over three hundred years ago.

What if I were to tell you another useful and magical thing to know that is much more personal than gravity? Gravity has another name.

Synchronicity or the concurrent experience of two or more events that are meaningfully related to each other, but which seem to happen by ‘coincidence’, works exactly the same way that gravity does. Such synchronous experiences coincide with you because you attracted them to yourself in the same way Earth predictably attracts objects to itself. Magic? Maybe for now, because we don’t understand it, but still true none-the-less.

Synchronicity and gravity both occur in accordance with the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. Gravity just pertains to a particular kind of energy, the kind that we can readily see (planets, people, satellites), whereas synchronicity pertains to another kind of energy–our thoughts. But they work the same way.

The gravity of a body of mass and the synchronicity of a body of thoughts, increases the larger the bodies become. Synchronicity is the measure of how fast external thoughts accelerate toward a person of similar thoughts. The more you focus on a particular thought, idea or belief, the greater your collection of such mass and consquently the greater your synchronicity for even more similar and external thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

Interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole of gravity and synchronicity? Stay tuned for a future post on what gravity and synchronicity looks like.


3 responses to “Gravity, synchronicity, and magic

  1. SynthesistChronicles

    This is right up my alley. Very interested to hear more!

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  3. Love this article, can’t wait to see Part 2. It explains the unexplainable in simple terms. Thanks so much for your research and insight.

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