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Larry Ellison buys an island in Hawaii

You probably haven’t been there before, to Lanai (pronounced La-nigh-ee). I myself have lived in Hawaii for 25 years now and I’ve never set foot on Lanai either. The island is and was privately owned for the last 100 years. Incidentally, the island of Niihau (pronounced knee-hee-ow) is also privately owned, first purchased from the Kingdom of Hawaii by Elizabeth Sinclair in 1864. Her descendants, the Robinson family, still own the island today. So it’s no surprise that I haven’t set foot on Niihau either.

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The ego’s bad rap

I admit I’ve read more than my share of popular spiritual self-help books like Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’. And although I was able to glean helpful truth from such books (thank you for the wisdom), there is one significant idea that doesn’t quite fit for me in the current arena of spiritual self-help and that is the ego and its place in our lives. A lot of our spiritual leaders will have us believe that the ego is something inherently bad that we just have to learn to live with and do our best to ignore, dismiss or extinguish even.

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My three-month blogging milestone

It’s been about three months since I started this blog, inspired by a need to follow the whisperings of a call. Like a puzzle in progress, I started with a piece in a corner and day by day I add another part or take it away and move things around striving for a cohesive picture that will reveal itself (I hope) with enough attention and care.

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What does gravity and synchronicity look like?

Gravity has another name–synchronicity;  it’s a particular kind of synchronicity, the kind that deals with objects of mass whereas synchronicity is that mysterious convergence of events/people/ideas we often attribute to mere coincidence.  But what if synchronicity, like gravity, is predictable and always true?  What if both operated along the same law, different frequencies?  The former applies to ideas and thoughts while the latter applies to objects of mass.  What would that look like?

We know that apples fall off of trees down to Earth, but how exactly does Earth predictably attract apples to itself?  Albert Einstein gave us a plausible explanation when he published his Theory of General Relativity in 1916.  Einstein could ‘see’ space… at least enough to describe it with equations anyway.

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