My first week of kindergarten…

…again. This time as a parent.


My recollection the first time around is a memory of surprise at recognizing a boy from preschool and…that’s about it. His name was Derek. This time around as a thirty something year-old, I am likely to remember a lot more including the monumental sigh of relief at making it to the first bell. In the lead-up to the first day I am overwhelmed by the wealth of things I had to do like obtain up-to-date vaccinations, register with a copy of my utility bill (to prove in-district location), and purchasing then labeling a myriad of school supplies with my kid’s name i.e. extra clothes, backpack, folders, art apron, and…each crayon/marker in 9 boxes worth of crayons/markers. Really?


I will distinctly remember not doing all of it. I labeled the boxes of crayons/markers instead, which (parent’s take note) was promptly thrown away after its contents dumped into a plastic pencil box. To my credit, as instructed, the plastic pencil box is labeled with my kid’s name on it. I justified my blatant disregard for the school’s instruction with the following rationale: My kid will learn more responsibility if mommy doesn’t label each of her crayons/markers. And if my kid happens to lose one crayon, she will learn the art of letting go. Yes, really.


Other things I will not likely forget is my first PTA meeting that reminded me of work so much that I just don’t think I can make it to the next one. I am however, willing to cut a check for a reasonable amount to help fund the unfunded Phys. Ed. teacher. I will remember having to fill out paperwork with the same information such as my name and phone number as well as emergency contacts’ names and phone numbers over and over and over.

Despite giving my information repeatedly on this form and that form as my kid’s legal guardian, I will always remember trying to pick-up my kid from the after-school program and being asked for my ID by a high-school teen and being told that my name wasn’t on the list of authorized person’s for pick-up. “Hmmm. That’s funny,” I replied, “since I’m the one that made that list.” Note to self: remember to authorize yourself when registering kid for after-school programs.

I am constantly bewildered and amazed by all the to-do of parenthood. But I am also excited for the obvious growth and results of my never-ending efforts. I made it to the first day of kindergarten and through the first week. Thank goodness. Now it’s on to reading logs and practicing sight words. Good luck to me. There is good reason I did not choose teaching as a profession. Parenthood really is never-ending and I am both happy about that, but exhausted too. Here’s to chores, love, and service!


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