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American Idol 2012: Philip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez?

Photo Michael Becker / FOX

I wrote an earlier post on Jessica Sanchez after hearing her sing ‘I Will Always Love You’. Like many others I am blown away at Jessica’s angelic voice. I listened to the playback over and over again. It gave me goose bumps. It felt like discovering a gem. But… I have to admit, I haven’t written since. (Sorry Jessica, I absolutely love you and your voice!!)  

If you asked me a month ago who would win in a finale between the two, I would have obstinately chosen the voice from heaven despite sincerely enjoying Philip’s artistry. Jessica has a power voice that can do wonderful things like growl, fill the entire auditorium, sustain high notes with perfect pitch and angelic sweetness to die for. Her talent is unmistakable and she will no doubt go on to have a platinum career in the business.

But here’s the thing that Philip has that Jessica just doesn’t…yet: creative license and knowing how to use it. Continue reading


Fairy dust, nebulas, and thought clouds

Ever wonder what creativity looks like?

To me, it looks just like the ‘magic’ of pixie or fairy dust, you know that sparkly dust in Disney movies that turns pumpkins into carriages? Yah, just like that–matter from the ether mixed with imagination, transforming realities right before our eyes. Well not exactly like that.

In real life we don’t literally turn pumpkins into glittering carriages. And we each have more of an aggressive role to play in the magic of altering reality. Using the Law of Attraction requires ‘Cinderella’ to not only have a good heart, but to also dream the reality every day with discipline. Cinderella would have to imagine the dress, the carriage and the dance with the prince and how that all feels as if it were real, despite current conditions of menial chores and a wicked stepmother.

Maybe that’s the problem with our dreaming these days. We are a little too ‘Disneyed’ and don’t understand the prerequisite discipline of dreaming to get our fairy godmother to show up. We cannot cheat our way out of our part; we must do the work and use our imagination. And here’s why:

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Lady Gaga on creativity

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Lady Gaga revealed a bit about her creative process during a recent interview with Oprah. She views her larger journey as a long hallway with wooden doors. The open doors lead to albums she already created. Looking forward down the hall, she can see the next door, but it’s closed and she must try to open it.

Only to get there and to open the door is a journey in itself. It’s not just walking up to the door and turning the knob. There is a process to it. One of the things she does to nurture her creativity is to tune everything out, turning the volume down on the ‘noise’ of everyday life, so she can better receive inspirations. Within her creative cocoon, she is able to struggle with that task of marrying the material with the divine.

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Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity

I love listening to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ talk about artists and the illusive yet coveted creative process behind works of genius. In one of the most viewed TED talks, Elizabeth delivers an intimate conversation about her innermost thoughts and philosophy related to her work. It’s the kind of conversation you would love to have with a creative peer, or even a genius of the past like Albert Einstein, over a glass of wine on a quiet evening.

She starts with the all too often association between suffering and artistry. Like why do artists have a reputation for being mentally unstable? Is there only a fine line between genius and the insane?  Continue reading