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The Chihuly garden & glass

Chihuly garden & glass, Seattle

Chihuly garden & glass, Seattle

I took an end-of-the-summer trip to Seattle this year. It was a gorgeous five days of crisp mornings and afternoon sunshine, as well as a dramatic change in scenery from tropical paradise. From the moment I arrived at the airport, I absorbed the energy that is the Pacific Northwest–stone, wood, and steel construction with large glass windows peering out to evergreen views. All of it still looked shiny and new compared to the quickly fading paint typical in Hawaii.

On my first day I visited the Chihuly garden & glass exhibit at the Seattle Center, which replaced the old carnival rides and games area. I have to say I love the improvement and so does my five year-old (even though she never went to the carnival rides)!


Maybe it’s my personal fascination with glass art. For example, I love those glass paperweights with jellyfish captured forever in a perfect bubble of light right there on my desk. Or maybe its everyone’s fascination with light and brilliant, vibrant colors in a way that only sunlight and glass can produce. Either way, the exhibit is inspiring. It easily made me forget about chores or any of the mundane facets of life and instead lifted me near bliss and somewhere carefree. I need a garden like this at my house!


My first experience with the artist, Dale Chihuly, is the lobby of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I think I stared straight up at the colorful glass display on the ceiling for ten straight minutes. It was glass paperweight heaven suspended over an entire lobby. Maybe its also a favorite of Chihuly’s since he included a similar display in Seattle. I love the little sea creatures 'floating' around here and there.

glass ceiling 2

glass cathedral If you get a chance to visit the Chihuly garden & glass in Seattle, I highly recommend going. It is kid friendly, with plenty of room for strollers and no stairs. There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Although, my favorite are the outside spaces where the art is integrated with its surroundings. Most prominently, it is quintessential Seattle art and moment after moment of awe and wonder and delight that you won’t regret.