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My three-month blogging milestone

It’s been about three months since I started this blog, inspired by a need to follow the whisperings of a call. Like a puzzle in progress, I started with a piece in a corner and day by day I add another part or take it away and move things around striving for a cohesive picture that will reveal itself (I hope) with enough attention and care.

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Thank you to fellow blogger, Suzan, of Life With Instructions for attributing my blog as One Lovely Blog. Peer recognition means a lot! Thanks so much. Seven things about me: 1) I love Breyers mint chocolate ice cream 2) I drive a red … Continue reading

Writer’s journey

I don’t quite have the green light on being a full-time blogger…yet, as in I still have a ‘day job’, unlike Geraldine DeRuiter of The Everywhereist, a blog recently included in Time magazine’s Top 25 blogs of 2011. Geraldine received the go ahead signal when she got laid off from her desk job as a copy writer. Unemployed, but married to someone who apparently travels a lot, all over the world for work, gave her a next step namely to get on the airplane with her hubby, albeit after some loafing around. Not only did she receive a green light to start a travel blog, she got an announcement over the loud-speaker followed by an embossed invitation, you know the kind you get for weddings.

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The Strangest Secret

If you know what your passion is, but don’t exactly know how to go about implementing it, Earl Nightingale’s ~30 minute recording of ‘The Strangest Secret’ is for you…and me too. In it he reveals, how we don’t need to understand every detail of a master plan before starting on our goal. Earl Nightingale shares his conviction that there is a larger force conspiring with each of us to achieve the work we are really meant to do.

If that’s true then, H a l l e l u j a h. I am often immobilized by not fully knowing how to get from point A to point Z. Or perhaps my end goal of working remotely from anywhere (at home or on the go) is so vastly different from my current situation of an 8 to 5 desk job that I get a little discouraged or feel stuck.

Thankfully Earl Nitingale’s conviction is contagious. Listen to the record.

He says all we need to activate the strangest secret is to hold our goal before us and imagine we are already at point Z. This is how we communicate to the powers that be exactly where we want to go. At once the mystery of the universe responds, giving us clues on how to get from our starting point to the next.

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My spirit insists

It would be easy for me to just keep doing what I’m doing–work, eat, clean the house, play with the little one, find time for exercise, meditation, and sleep. It keeps me busy enough for sure. But…something insists, gently, for me to do more. That insistent spirit of mine that I nurture and feed rewards me with moments of fulfillment, then… more yearning and beckoning.

It keeps me from being completely satisfied, loafing around on the couch for example. On top of daily needs like a walk on the beach, a swim in the ocean or arranging flowers in a vase, my spirit also has an ongoing, life-long mission and purpose. It’s this energy, this passion, this gentle insistence that keeps me at the edge and not on the couch for too long.

But what is it that it wants?

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