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Happy Halloween in 2013!

So my daughter is dressing up for Halloween as last year’s costume. Yah, my five year-old remembers, off-hand, the comment her father made after spending $50 on last year’s costume, “You have to use this (overpriced) costume for two Halloweens.”

And so my kid insists she must be a water fairy again. I re-assure her that she doesn’t have to and that she can use any of the dress-up clothes she already owns. This includes Strawberry Shortcake, Snow White, and Princess Belle.  Still out of some sort of innocent and pure need to listen to her father she insists, she must be a water fairy again because that’s what her dad said. “Okay,” I say knowing full-well how difficult it is to change the fixated mind of a child. “Water fairy it is…again.”

Along with last year’s costume, is a lot of non-fanfare over Halloween this year. Our home has exactly one Halloween decoration and it was provided by my 5 year-old. Here it is:

Owl line-up

Owl line-up

I quite like it actually. Thank you Ella for brightening up an otherwise completely futty-dutty home.

There was no visit to a pumpkin patch this year, not even the one at Whole Foods. So naturally, there was no pumpkin carving and of course there is no candle-lit  jack-o-lantern on our porch step.

As a small effort to do something in the spirit of Halloween, I spent $4 on two small bags of Nestle crunch candy bars. Whether I actually hand them out remains to be seen. What a lazy bum!

To my credit, I won’t be available to handout candy since I will (for sure) be walking around the neighborhood with my little water fairy this evening!

Happy Halloween in 2013!