Who are we?

Based on several decades of life experience and from learning about the experiences of others, I have come to the conclusion that we are aliens. Yes, you read that right. Only we aren’t as scary as all that ‘stuff’ in the movies.

We are eternal sentient beings having a temporary human experience on Earth.

As many of us faithfully believe, death is simply a transition from this world back to the spiritual realm where we came from. There is a part of us deep down that knows inherently we are more than just our bodies, hence the self-proclaimed title: human being.

As sentient beings, we have the ability to radiate love–the highest form of energy in the universe and we have the ability to create any reality we desire. Yes, each one of us has the ability to affect ‘the matrix’ for our own individual preferences and for our highest contribution to others. (Visit the page on Natural laws for more information on how to do this).

The many stories of near-death experiences, of people who have actually died and come back, tell of a profoundly consistent and fantastic after-life as sentient beings in the nonphysical realm. Nadine, The Suburban Psychic can even communicate with those on the other side. If that’s too far-fetched for you, perhaps a story of one neuroscientist’s ‘Stroke of Insight’ about our duality is more compelling. Or maybe one of our most influential visionaries, Steve Jobs and his insistent hope of an after-life might persuade you.

Still, if we are sentient beings with superhuman powers the questions remain why are we here and who created us?


What do you think? I'd love to find out!

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