Another way of looking at things

If you are science oriented, this section is for you!

There is a science to living our dreams and creating our realities. And that science is directly related to physics. For example, Newton’s observation that mass attracts mass is directly related to the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply expands the scope of view to include all things including thoughts. The science of thoughts and the way thoughts move is a vast science that remains to be explored.

How synchronicity relates to gravity and how we can similarly apply synchronicity for practical purpose is an exciting new frontier. The process of manifesting physical, tangible objects from our intangible thoughts is similar to the formation of stars. Both begin with such notions as nebulas and thought clouds.

If physics is the science of motion and objects, metaphysics is the science of emotion and souls. Further, if physics is most useful for creating objects like engines, metaphysics is most useful for creating realities like living your life’s purpose. Browse through this section for literally another way of looking at things.


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