Belief (noun): a conviction that a statement, theory, phenomenon, reality or other thing is true. To have a belief is to elevate a thought to a higher energy level, one that communicates with the spiritual realm. Spiritual beings then respond to our belief–our statement of what we think is true, by moving our feelings with heart energy.

Create (transitive verb): to bring an idea or concept into physical existence through the use of imagination otherwise known as the law of manifestation.

Divine providence (noun): the timing of events according to a larger and trusted order than any individual can perceive.

Emotion (noun):  an act, process, or instance of the movement of feelings.

Gravity (noun): a measurement of how fast the space-time fabric for physical objects increasingly bends toward an object; an acceleration with SI units of meters per second squared.

Heart energy (noun): love; a form of energy that is the highest level of energy possible; it is not visible to the human eye; its presence is only detected by the movement of feelings. Further, this energy flows through all beings with its intensity dependent on the compatibility of its receiver–the closer the being is to a state of love, the more heart energy can flow through.

Space-time fabric (noun): the invisible matrix of non-matter surrounding all objects; each object bends the space-time fabric for compatible energy toward itself; for instance objects of visible mass bends the fabric for similar objects toward itself.

Synchronicity (noun): the observation of coinciding events; a measurement of how fast the space-time fabric for a particular group of thoughts, ideas, and concepts bends toward the being focused on similar thoughts and ideas.

Thought clouds (noun): a loose collection of similar or related thoughts


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