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Climate change

It isn’t definitive, yet, whether our carbon rich activities are to blame for record high temperatures and rapid glacial retreat or whether these changes are part of a natural larger planetary cycle, but one thing is sure…our climate is changing.

In my small corner of the planet, I witness dramatic erosion along the shoreline beyond the usual annual events.  I am awestruck by the amount of mature trees and ~20+ year old structures that are now naked and sun-bathing alongside people on the beach.  It brings climate change home for me in a way that is much more personal than just reading about severe weather events and watching videos of glaciers sloughing off into the ocean.

Stranded tree

The horizontal tree in the far, far background stood upright maybe five years ago, perched on a stable outcropping of rock.  It was a magical spot where one naturally wants to linger, like one of those far off imagined fairy tale places deep in the woods next to a pristine pool of water and a glowing tree of life.  The tree in the foreground wasn’t there before.  I’m guessing it was on higher ground away from the beach until an erosion event swept it and part of a wall onto the sand.


Here’s another tree that’s lost its ground and is slipping, sliding into the ocean.


This fence used to actually enclose something not too long ago.  And now it just looks wrong.



These are the underparts of a coconut tree that has been around a while.  Its seems embarrassingly exposed now and I feel a little bad for looking.

The top of the tree still stands tall and dignified.