Natural laws

Image courtesy of Dennis Nilsson

Newton’s Laws of Motion

We live by certain observable natural laws, like Newton’s laws of motion, which are not necessarily explainable (what causes gravity anyway?), but predictable and usable just the same. I’m not talking about arbitrary, legislative wearing seat belt kind of laws. I’m talking about laws beyond our control and true everywhere regardless of what we do.

While laws governing the motion of tangible objects are readily observable and usable, there are other laws too that are not so readily observable because they govern the intangible. If there are laws for the seen, why wouldn’t there be laws for the unseen?

Laws of Emotion

These laws of the intangible are extremely useful and govern the motion of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. When we deliberately use the laws of emotion we are actively engaged in the creative process and we access the higher power of intention available to us. This power includes the phenomenon we call synchronicity. Just as we use gravity to help us “carry water”, we can use synchronicity to help us achieve our life goals with considerably less effort than without.

Browse through this section to find out more about the laws of emotion and how to use these laws to live your life’s purpose.


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